The Tamer/Summoner

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The Tamer/Summoner

Post by Asra Nox on Thu Apr 27, 2017 8:44 pm

Short Description:
Standing behind the lines and instead relying on their huge army that they summon up. One of their followers falls and the next one gets summoned right after! However, they aren't quite that good at fighting themselves.

As you won't be doing most of the fighting yourself it is advised that you wear Armor with high health, or depending on your single handed weapon of choice a high energy armor (Gun/Wand) or high damage armor (Melee)


Weapon Number = 1

Can use:
Melee (Single Handed)
Guns (Single Handed)
Wands (Single Handed)

Special Information:

-While they have a Weapon Number of only one, Capture Pods don't count towards their Maximum Weapon Number. They can carry an inventory full of Capture pods and use their one handed weapon as a last resort.
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